Japanese Conversation Classes in Nagoya

Our trained Japanese language teachers provide lessons that are both fun and informative. Our goal is to help you improve your Japanese speaking and conversation skills. Our lessons offer both quality and value for money.

Trial lessons available!

Apply now to try one of our Japanese group classes. (¥1,000 inc. tax).

Conversation Classes

Do you wish you could express yourself more clearly and confidently in Japanese? These practical and fun courses will enable you to speak with greater ease with Japanese friends and co-workers. With lots of conversation practice, you will master key vocabulary, phrases, and grammar that will help you navigate all kinds of situations in Japan.
Connect Japanese Classes

Conversation 1

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Sundays In-Person

Conversation 2

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Sundays In-Person


Choose from:
Sundays In-Person


Conversation 2

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Sundays In-Person

Looking for Online Conversation Classes?

We offer Online Japanese Conversation Classes too. Our teachers provide high-quality, interactive online lessons that are both fun and engaging.

* Our conversation classes are mainly focused on improving Japanese speaking and conversation skills. They are not focused on JLPT exam preparation or Kanji study. The N5-N1 indicators are just to help you understand the general level of each class.

Class Details & Pricing

  • Trained Japanese language teachers
  • 80 minutes per class
  • 2-8 students per group
  • 44 classes per year
  • Price: ¥7,000 / month
  • Save 10% if you study two classes per week
  • Entrance fee: ¥3,000
  • Trial lessons available

* All prices include sales tax.

Trial lessons available!

Apply now to try one of our Japanese group classes.

2024 Calendar

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Do I need to buy a textbook?
Yes. Each class will use a textbook which all students must purchase. The price of texts may vary from class to class.

Can I join at any time?
Yes. You can try one of our classes by signing up for a trial lesson.

Do all prices include sales tax?
Yes. Sales tax is included.

Do I learn grammar in the conversation classes?
Yes. You will learn grammar as well as other skills for daily life and communication.

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Bright & Modern Classrooms

Bright and modern classrooms

Connect’s Teachers

Come and meet Connect’s experienced team of qualified Japanese teachers. They are passionate about helping you to improve your Japanese and reach your learning goals. All our teachers are cheerful and friendly. They are looking forward to meeting you!
Teacher Rumika

Rumika Sensei

Teacher Shimako

Shimako Sensei

Teacher Masayo

Masayo Sensei

Teacher Risa

Risa Sensei

Teacher Tamami

Tamami Sensei

Yukie Sensei


Connect has easy access from across Nagoya. It is located only 1 minute from Imaike subway station exit 1 on the Higashiyama and Sakuradōri lines. It is also just a 5-minute walk from Chikusa station on the JR Chuo line.


PP Bld 4F,
Uchiyama 3-10-18,

PP Bld. Front Entrance

Japanese classes are located in

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