Online Business Japanese Group Classes on Saturdays

Our online business-focused lessons will equip you to communicate confidently in a wide range of common business situations.As a foreign person working in a Japanese company, being able to speak business Japanese with confidence gives you a huge advantage in the workplace. Whether you are currently working in a Japanese firm or just hoping to in the future, our trained Japanese language teachers will help you to communicate clearly, fluently and with the appropriate level of politeness.

¥500 trial lessons available on Sept. 19th & 26th

Want to try this Online Business Japanese Class?
Apply now to experience it for only ¥500.
No entrance fee if you join the school on these special trial dates (usually ¥3,000).

Class Level & Time

Intermediate Business Japanese
(Level: JLPT N3/N2)

Saturdays 13:30-14:50

This class gives you a foundation in business Japanese necessary for everyday life in a Japanese workplace. From answering the phone to communicating with your boss or client, this course will enable you to be more confident communicating at work.

See a guide to the JLPT levels

Class Details & Pricing

  • Trained Japanese language teachers
  • 80 minutes per class
  • Max. 8 students per group
  • 44 classes per year
  • ¥6,000 (Inc. tax) / month
    (¥1,636 / class)
  • Entrance fee: ¥3,000 (Free on special trial days)
  • Trial lessons available

Join Connect Global Cafe Free!

All Connect Japanese students can join Connect Global Cafe for free on Saturdays (usually ¥1,000/day) and practice speaking Japanese at our weekly language exchange event. For more information, please see the Connect Global Cafe website

Connect Japanese Teacher

Meet Rumika-sensei

Always cheerful and friendly, Rumika-sensei is an experienced Japanese teacher who is passionate about helping you to improve your Japanese and reaching your learning goals.

¥500 trial lessons available on Sept. 19th & 26th

Want to try this Online Business Japanese Class?
Apply now to experience it for only ¥500.
No entrance fee if you join the school on these special trial dates (usually ¥3,000).


What software do you use for online lessons?
Our online lessons are taught using Zoom. When you sign up for a trial lesson, we will email you the Meeting ID and Passcode for the lesson. You can download the Zoom app for Windows, Mac OS, iOS or Android from

Do I need to buy a textbook?
Yes. Each class will use a textbook which all students must purchase. The price of texts may vary from class to class, but it is usually somewhere between ¥2,000-¥3,000.

Can I join at any time?
Yes, you can join the class at any time. You try one of our classes by signing up for a trial lesson.

Do all prices include sales tax?
Yes. Sales tax is included.

I have another question!

Send us your question and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Study online from home using Zoom

Study from the convenience of your own home using your computer or mobile device.


Connect has easy access from across Nagoya. It is located only 1 minute from Imaike subway station exit 1 on the Higashiyama and Sakuradōri lines. It is also just a 5-minute walk from Chikusa station on the JR Chuo line.


PP Bld 4F,
Uchiyama 3-10-18,

PP Bld. Front Entrance

Japanese classes are located in

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